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With editors frustrated with the difficulty they experienced attempting to make changes on their old site, The Wilson Organisation (the company behind the Family Business Awards), wanted a solution that would allow their team to add and edit content with ease.

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The Challenge

Rebuilding and Redesigning the Old Website

The Wilson Organisation wanted the website to be launched on a strict deadline. This meant that the project timeline had to be fast with multiple people working on the site at the same time.

Family Business Awards
Certification will also be a part of onboarding for all new partners. Each partner will need to nominate at least one developer, who will be guided through passing the certification during their partner onboarding.

The Solution

Distinction proposed Kentico Kontent as the perfect for The Wilson Organisation Family Business Awards website rebuild. As this was a content-first website development project, using Kentico Kontent to input content and dynamically retrieve the data worked impressively for all parties. The website was developed in the ASP.NET MVC framework using C#, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used on the front end.

Collaborative Process

The use of Kentico Kontent loud meant that content editors were able to begin their role in the project as soon as the wireframes were signed off at the same time that back-end developers began their work. This changed the project timeline somewhat and allowed for a strong collaborative process.

The speed of developing on Kentico Kontent and this working method meant that build time for the project was one week and the site itself launched shortly after. Using a headless CMS also means that the Family Business Awards now have a beautifully designed site, as designers and front-end developers had the ability to be innovative due to the platform-agnostic nature of Kentico Kontent.

Technology Stack.NET, Java, jQuery, Modernizr, Slick
Use CaseSaaS Preference
IndustryMarketing and Media

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