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An Innovative Website for an Established Digital Agency

Digital agency Luminary wanted to try something different with a content management system that could support the rebranding of their business. They wanted to use the latest tools and technologies in the market, and leverage a SaaS solution with longevity. 

  • < 2 months

    to implement

  • 34

    content types

The Challenge

The decision-making process for choosing a content management system was in the hands of the whole team. The CTO, content strategist, designers, and developers needed to shortlist an option that would accommodate everyone's requirements. Everyone especially wanted a content management system that would deliver a new website very quickly as the rebranding project had a strict timeline.

Certification will also be a part of onboarding for all new partners. Each partner will need to nominate at least one developer, who will be guided through passing the certification during their partner onboarding.

The Solution

When it came to starting their project, Luminary soon discovered that the whole team had changed its approach to content creation since launching their previous website. Out of all the solutions they assessed, they determined that Kentico Kontent was best placed to support their growing content collaboration and development needs. 

Better Collaboration Across Teams

Soon after selecting Kentico Kontent as their new content management system, Luminary started to plan and create 34 content types to support their new branding strategy and content workflows. They identified how their content types related to each other, defined their length, and assessed whether to use plain or rich text. Thanks to the modular content approach Kentico Kontent offers, it was very quick and easy for non-technical users to create bespoke pages.

Not only did it free up time for developers, their in-house team even started to enjoy writing their own blog posts, and embraced the flexibility Kentico Kontent brought to web development. They found it easy to design pages, including; inserting code for content snippets that serve as metadata, adjusting page settings, and implementing anchors, colors and design themes. 

Integrations for Faster Project Delivery

A design that would have taken days, now takes a day thanks to Kentico Kontent's features and integration capabilities. Luminary connected their project with many different third-party integrations, including:

  • CloudFlare and their Edge Workers for network optimisation and delivery
  • Recombee for machine-learning based content recommendations
  • Campaign Monitor for email marketing and automation
  • Formstack for forms and gated content
  • Zapier for integration with internal tools
  • Algolia site search

Technology StackCloudFlare, React
Use CaseRich Content, SaaS Preference
IndustryDigital agencies

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