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Law Firm Upgrades Website with Must-have Headless CMS Features

McDonald, Slater & Lay wanted to rebuild their website, as it was well overdue for a redesign. The law firm turned to digital agency Luminary to provide a modern, responsive, and content-managed solution on a small business budget.

  • 40%

    increase in page views

  • 20%

    increase in pages per session

The Challenge

Rebuilding and Redesigning a Website

The law firm required multi-user content management, review workflows, and the potential for basic contact segmentation and personalization. 

McDonald, Slater & Lay Home Page Screenshot
Certification will also be a part of onboarding for all new partners. Each partner will need to nominate at least one developer, who will be guided through passing the certification during their partner onboarding.

The Solution

Luminary knew that McDonald, Slater & Lay's requirements matched the feature set of Kentico Kontent perfectly. The team also leveraged the functionality of modular content, the asset library, and form tracking.

Developers made use of the Kentico Kontent boilerplate, and built the website in the ASP.NET MVC framework using C# for page rendering. For the front-end, the team used HTML and CSS, as well as Babel, React, and Node.js.

Content Management Made Easy with Headless CMS

With Kentico Kontent, McDonald, Slater & Lay is now able to update content quickly and easily in Content Inventory and publish changes with a single click. They no longer have to send Word documents to the digital agency and wait until these are converted to suitable chunks of HTML for pasting into the source view of an HTML block.

Technology Stack.NET, Azure, Babel, CloudFlare, Node, React
Use CaseRich Content
IndustryLaw and Legal

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