Grow your skills with Kontent e-learning

Who wants to sit through long classes to get a few minutes’ worth of useful information? Try our e-learning courses with bite-sized, interactive content that will help you quickly understand how the headless world works.

Everything you need to succeed

Kontent e-learning gives you the chance to learn new skills whenever you want.

  • Learn at your own pace
    Learn at your own pace

    The Kontent courses are not time-limited—you can get back to them anytime. Moreover, your progress is bookmarked, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

  • Study at any time, anywhere
    Study at any time, anywhere

    Explore the courses on any device, whenever and wherever it suits you—learn from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you choose.

  • Broaden your horizons
    Broaden your horizons

    Get the most out of online learning! Find out how you can design effective content models, use taxonomies, get started with modular content, or find out how microservices work.

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Adapting to your learning style

Our courses allow you to enjoy a self-paced learning schedule.

  • Saving your valuable time
    Saving your valuable time

    No commuting, no boring lectures, and no long textbooks. Learn more efficiently with our videos, GIFs, and fun exercises that will test your knowledge.

  • Catering to individual needs
    Catering to individual needs

    We’ve developed courses for each member of your team! While Headless CMS 101 is a great starting point for almost anyone, the other courses were created with specific job roles in mind.

  • More convenient than face-to-face classes
    More convenient than face-to-face classes

    In a traditional classroom, it might be intimidating to raise a hand and ask for help. Here you can just click the chat button in the bottom right corner and chat with our Support team.

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