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Develop Ruby apps

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Learn how to develop your own Ruby applications that use APIs.

Table of contents

    SDKs and API references

    The SDKs, tools, or plugins mentioned on this page are maintained by our community. If you have questions or want to report bugs, we recommend submitting issues in the appropriate GitHub repository. Feel free to pitch in with your improvements as well.

    Delivery API

    Get content from your projects with Delivery API. Check out our best practices for getting content and examples on filtering content.

    Management API

    Manage your projects, import content, and automate content operations with Management API. Streamline user management with Subscription API.

    Postman collection

    Get to know the APIs with the popular Postman client. Find more about the APIs and their availability in the API reference.

    Get started tutorials

    If you are new to the Ruby world, go through these tutorials. They'll get you up to speed before you dig into the sample apps.

    Sample apps

    Do you already know what framework you want to explore? Check one of these sample apps. If you have any questions, ideas for improvement, or you get stuck in code, feel free to submit a GitHub issue.

    Dive deeper

    Take your apps further with the following APIs and features.

    What's next?