Announcing the 2020 Kentico MVPs

Announcing the 2020 Kentico MVPs

Like every year, last December the Kentico MVP committee had the pleasant duty of awarding the most active members of the Kentico community with the MVP award. What is the award and who can now use the title Kentico MVP?

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Jan 15, 2020

From developers through CTOs and directors to business owners, Kentico’s technical community is a diverse mix of people helping each other in online forums, answering DevNet Q&As, meeting at User Groups, Connection conferences, and various tech days. Every year, the Kentico MVP committee selects individuals who go to great lengths to help others and share their experience with the world. They are recognized as Kentico MVPs. For the year 2020, we awarded:

Andy Thompson
  • Andy Thompson, CTO - Luminary

Based in Melbourne. He’s basically everything except designer. Need to integrate your home appliances with Kentico? He’s your guy.

Brenden Kehren
  • Brenden Kehren, EO - Kehren Development

Based in the US. He has been writing code for over 18 years, mainly ASP.NET. But more importantly, he knows good beer and how to hunt.

Brian McKeiver
  • Brian McKeiver, Co-Owner - BizStream

Based in the US. Great conference speaker, hosts Kentico Rocks podcast and makes his employees do CrossFit (better than health insurance, right?).

David te Kloese
  • David te Kloese, Practice Lead Kentico - Emakina

Based in the Netherlands. You know this guy from DevNet. Ask him anything, he always has an answer.

Dmitry Bastron
  • Dmitry Bastron, Solution Architect - Delete

Based in the UK. Kentico expert always open-sourcing his solutions to help the community. He is Fifa pro-gamer. Wondering if his wife, also working at Delete, sometimes covers for him while he plays, err, improves his skills.

Ilesh Mistry
  • Ilesh Mistry, Kentico Architect - MMT Digital

Based in the UK. Gatsby and GraphQL fan, organizer of Gatsby and Tech meetups in London and a Marvel fan.

Jeroen Fürst
  • Jeroen Fürst, Solutions Architect - TrueLime

Based in the Netherlands. Expert on migrations of data looking into Gatsby lately. Big fan of Lego!

Matt Nield
  • Matt Nield, Development Manager - Ridgeway

Based in Oxford. Recently a JAMstack enthusiast and Azure specialist. Is that because Azure is carbon neutral? Matt will tell you.

Michael Kinkaid
  • Michael Kinkaid, CTO - ReasonOne

Based in Toronto. Always positive Irish guy, a bit of a video producer, audiophile. If you need help with content modeling, there’s no one better.

Mike Wills
  • Mike Wills, Director of Development - BlueModus

Based in Seattle. Apart from his long history and experience with .NET and Kentico, he’s a dog lover. Ask him why he’s not allowed on his couch.

Richard Shackleton
  • Richard Shackleton, UI Architect - NetConstruct

Based in Leeds. Gatsby enthusiast and open-source contributor. He 3D prints miniatures, talk to him about both FDM and SLA printers.

Sean G. Wright
  • Sean G. Wright, Dev lead - WiredViews

Based in the US. Expert on MVC and design patterns. He collects vinyl records and knows how to craft beer. There’s an idea for the next team building.

Trevor Fayas
  • Trevor Fayas, Sr. SW Engineer - Heartland Business Systems

Based in Wisconsin. True Kentico expert and very technical guy, always eager to help. Apart from that, he’s got a woodworking shop in his garage!

All of the MVPs are for the community and will always be glad to help. If you have a problem or are looking for advice, recommendation, or simply want to talk about your projects, feel free to reach out to any one of them. They will do what they can to get you pointed in the right direction.

Be an MVP

Being an MVP is a commitment to being open to the community, sharing knowledge, opinions, and being a friend to others in the team. Because MVPs are a team. And we would love to have you on board as well if you want to be a part of it. Take a look at the MVP info page and get in touch.

Congratulations again to our 2020 Kentico MVPs and thank you for all your contributions!

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