Use cases and solutions

Powering more than 5,000 digital projects, helps companies satisfy their customers’ needs. Discover how you can produce higher quality content, engage visitors throughout their journey, and reach your customers on any channel and device.

The use cases

Make it easy to organize, use, and reuse content for multiple websites, brands, and regions in one place.

Deliver powerful digital experiences that look and feel great on any channel and any device.

Build and maintain knowledge portals that keep information consistent and secure, while simplifying the work for everyone.

Meet customers where they are and support how they shop to drive revenue goals and grow loyalty.

The solutions

Centralize content into a single, cloud-based repository to streamline how content is created, accessed, and used.

Collaborate and be transparent by bringing everyone together in a team-friendly workspace.

Keep global brand integrity front and center, while also tapping into what makes local markets unique.

Future-proof your content with a micro-services architecture that satisfies both content teams and development teams.

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