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Forrester named Kontent.ai one of the 31 leading agile CMS providers for Q2 2022.

G2 named Kontent.ai a Leader in the Headless CMS grid in 2019, 2022 and 2023

Kontent.ai history


  • We were founded as an internal start-up to disrupt the CMS market
  • The startup explored ways to move content management to the cloud, leveraging the so-called “API-first” trend


  • The effort of the initial team of 5 people resulted in the launch of an MVP called Kentico Draft, which allowed for working with structured, “modular” content
  • The team quickly grew to approximately 15 people


  • We relaunched our solution as Kentico Cloud
  • We started winning our first enterprise clients such as Kramp, Trusted Choice, and Home Credit China


  • The startup team grew to approximately 85 people
  • We were included in the Forrester Wave for Web Content Management (WCM)


  • We rebranded to Kentico Kontent
  • We enhanced collaboration capabilities and launched various improvements, such as Content Planning & Integration Marketplace, that transformed the experience for business users and helped us attract new customers
  • We were recognized as a leader in G2 Grid for Headless CMS


  • Kontent (by Kentico) started to operate as an independent division of Kentico, which resulted in significant growth for us
  • We enhanced technology partnerships, launched Web Spotlight, Collections, and E-learning and Professional Services Subscriptions
  • We maintained the status of a leader in the G2 Grid in the Headless CMS space


  • Revamped under interface introduced — we continued to focus on advanced capabilities for enterprise customers
  • We stayed the leader in G2 Grid for Headless CMS


  • We negotiated an agreement with Expedition Growth Capital to fund our future growth
  • We decided to operate as a standalone company, and evolved from Kontent to Kontent.ai
  • We officially joined the MACH Alliance and are committed to advocating for MACH architecture principles
  • This new era is an exciting time for us, and we’re now creating our next chapter


  • We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Kontent.ai. The results? The composite organization experienced benefits of $3.09M over 3 years and an ROI of 320%.

Our values


We provide honest feedback, communicate directly and clearly, and we break silos. We tell it how it is; we don’t beat about the bush, and we steer away from general answers that don’t answer the questions.


We treat everyone we meet – customers, colleagues, partners, and vendors – well and with respect. We proactively communicate. We always take the time to understand what someone else is saying and where they’re coming from. We welcome feedback. We’re open-minded and let the best idea win.


We evaluate our previous steps, we are accountable, and we let people do their jobs. We proactively drive forward our assignments. We are not afraid to take ownership of systems, data, or processes and be accountable for their operation.


We are curious. We innovate, for example, via Design sprints and Hackathons. We move fast and learn from it. We challenge ourselves and we are not afraid to experiment.


We work together as a team towards our shared goals. We put “us” above “me” and our joint objectives above departmental or individual ones. We frequently communicate with our customers and help them be better, and by that, we improve ourselves.

Meet our Executive team

Mark RuddockChief Executive Officer at Kontent.ai

Viktor FialaChief Financial Officer at Kontent.ai

Olga StuckChief Operating Officer at Kontent.ai

Vojtech BorilVice President of Growth & Marketing at Kontent.ai

Tadeas KubatVice President of User Experience at Kontent.ai

Lukas MartinakVice President of Customer Success at Kontent.ai

Martin MichalikVice President of Product at Kontent.ai

Zbysek NemecVice President of Engineering at Kontent.ai

Meet our investors

We put our customers first

We’re here for you—wherever you are. We’ll listen to you—any time. We’ll support you—all the way. Since 2015.

Our vision: The best way to work with content.

Kontent.ai customers are innovative leaders in their own fields, so helping them makes us happy. We aim to provide brands worldwide with the best way to work with content—enabling them to deliver experiences that look and feel great on any channel.

The next generation in content management

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with a user-friendly authoring experience, Kontent.ai is the ideal solution for teams that want to deliver engaging digital experiences better, faster, and at scale.

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