Business users and developers use Kontent by Kentico headless CMS.

Everything you need to build engaging online experiences. is the only headless CMS that enables both marketers and developers to create engaging online experiences that look and feel great on any channel.

Benefits for everyone

Business users and developers get what they need from to accomplish their goals. Together, they manage the entire content workflow from planning to execution in the secure, cloud-based headless CMS. 


Cloud-based SaaS


Scalable & Secure


Multisite & Omnichannel Delivery

  • Content Management
  • Development & IT

Content Management

  • Explore authoring
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    A powerful, hassle-free authoring experience

    Create and collaborate in real time in the authoring experience. From planning in the editorial calendar to reviewing with comments, suggestions, co-editing, versioning, and more, helps teams schedule and publish content, on time and error-free.

  • Explore Collections
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    Content and assets organized with Collections

    Set up to mirror your team structure, using Collections to group related content, assets, workflows, and users. Collections allow specific teams or regions to access and use content and assets relevant to their scope, while still imposing centralized control over the entire operation.

  • Explore Web Spotlight
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    Convenient visual feedback with Web Spotlight

    Create, edit, update, and test content within the context of how it will look on your webpages and applications. With its tree structure and visual design, Web Spotlight helps authors transition to the world of headless content management with ease and confidence.

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    Custom workflows and approvals

    Get content to market faster with multiple role-based workflows that account for every step of your content creation. Ensure all content changes follow your business processes, so that everything that goes out is vetted and error-free.

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    Localization and governance

    Create engaging content in any language to reach a global audience. Language permissions offer control over who can create and translate content per locale.

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    Asset management

    Organize all your digital assets in the built-in library that’s easy to work with. Categorize assets to make them easy to find and use by the right teams in the right way. 

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    Thanks to, we have managed to move content marketing from a global level to the local level. The marketing departments in all our countries are able to create or edit their own content. We’re now able to do online content marketing in 24 countries/languages in an efficient and structured way.
    Davey van Ommen

    Davey van Ommen, Online Content Specialist at Kramp

    More content management features

  • Custom Content Model

    Create content that fits your business

  • Task Management

    Keep your projects on track

  • Structured Content

    Create content that’s ready for any channel

  • Custom UI Elements

    Ensure the authoring experience works for you

  • Custom Roles

    Manage groups of users based on their function

  • Web Preview

    See how your website looks before publishing

  • Granular Permissions

    Define exactly which actions users can perform

  • Scheduled Publishing

    Ensure your content goes live when you need it

  • Taxonomy

    Categorize content and assets your way

  • Cascade Publishing

    Publish linked items when parent content goes live

  • Content Groups

    Content fields are grouped based on intended use

  • Asset Library

    Manage your digital assets, right within the content platform

  • Adaptive Authoring Interface

    Editors only see content fields intended for them

  • Best-of-breed Integrations

    Freedom to connect with your favorite tools

  • Solution highlight

    Omnichannel delivery

    • Reach your audience on all devices and channels
    • Engage visitors throughout their entire journey
    • Delight with consistent experiences
    • Personalize messages across channels
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