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With the latest platform updates, your teams are more equipped than ever to handle the complexities of modern content management. Explore the highlights now. 

Let AI strengthen your content value chain

AI in Kontent.ai acts as a powerful force multiplier, helping content teams get the most out of their efforts. Rather than using a plug-in with a third party provider, Kontent.ai instead infuses AI into the platform experience you already know and love. 

Get to know the AI features that help content creators improve asset management, maximize content reuse, and amplify their message.

Bring AI to asset management

Use AI to classify images in your asset library according to their contents. Be sure to let AI generate image descriptions too—in multiple languages—allowing you to enhance accessibility and improve SEO rankings.

Maximize content reuse

Level up your content by using AI to suggest relevant linked items, allowing you to easily select the best options. Keep content organized too, by having AI read through texts and suggest the right taxonomy terms.

Go global in a flash

Extend your reach and connect with diverse audiences using high-quality, accurate AI translations. Let AI take on the bulk of the task upfront, allowing your teams to add the final human touch.

Keep your content fresh and relevant

Outdated content can harm your credibility and relevance. Consult the “Unchanged published items”  widget in Mission Control to regularly identify content that could use or needs a refresh (think key content, FAQs, or legal policies). Your organization may already have processes or alerts in place for recurring reviews, so be sure your content team is looped in too. 

Manage high volumes of content with ease

Having one CMS helps large organizations manage massive amounts of content across global digital properties. The ability to precisely set up operations and governance for multiple regions, brands, and languages sets Kontent.ai apart. Learn how to manage complex content.

Clone environments in minute(s), not hours

Easily choose whether to include content items and assets and/or the content item version history when creating a new environment. By omitting content and assets, or just the content item version history, you’ll drastically speed up cloning.

Improve global and local governance

Create relationships between collections and spaces to improve content governance. Define local and global content operations and control access to confidential files.

Create local and shared asset libraries

Add assets to content collections and split asset libraries into local and shared libraries. Control access to confidential assets with user permissions and prevent the misuse of restricted files.

Kontent.ai was an important part of setting up a central content hub for heycar and enabled us to expand across Europe smoothly and efficiently. The team helped us build a scalable content system that we can leverage internationally, enabling us to scale our content in a smart and fast way.

Magdalena MrotekHead of Marketing, heycar

Get the most out of Kontent.ai

In the Kontent.ai Learn portal, explore the value of the platform with personalized learning paths for your role. Or dive into the comprehensive documentation and API reference. 

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Dive into the following resources to learn more about how Kontent.ai helps organizations manage large-scale content programs. Or check out product updates for a detailed look at everything new to the platform.

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