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With the latest platform updates, your teams are more equipped than ever to handle the complexities of modern content management. Explore the highlights now. 

Bring intelligent automation to the content journey

AI in Kontent.ai acts as a powerful force multiplier, helping content teams get the most out of their efforts at every stage of their content value chain.

Rather than using a plug-in with a third party provider, Kontent.ai instead infuses AI into the platform experience you already know and love. Get to know the AI features added to Content Assist, Author Assist, and Publish Assist capability sets.

Content Assist

AI-powered capabilities added to Content Assist help you build, manage, and optimize your content repository, including smart asset tagging and taxonomies

Author Assist

AI-powered capabilities added to Author Assist help authors speed up content creation and improve relevance, including generating copy, summaries, and more

Publish Assist

AI-powered capabilities added to Publish Assist improve the efficiency of workflows, including AI translations and brand and tone of voice checks

Gain total visibility over all operations

Finally, data insights in a CMS. With a bird’s eye view of all content operations, monitor and measure content progress, status, and pace in one place. Get to know Mission Control. 

  • With the dashboard, access key insights at a glance, including content progress, tasks done on time, and items published on time
  • In content status, review unresolved comments or tasks, refining results by contributor, status, content type, and more
  • Track how long content spends in different workflow steps to catch bottlenecks before they become full-on delays

Customers value Mission Control

The content status overview in Mission Control helps us trace unresolved comments and tasks in such an easy, efficient way. Kontent.ai clearly invests in developing useful new functionality based on customer needs and feedback.

Loes HofsteeWeb Editor, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Govern a global content value chain

Having one CMS for all content ensures consistency across global digital properties. The ability to precisely set up operations and governance for multiple regions, brands, and languages sets Kontent.ai apart. Learn how to manage complex content.

Improve global and local governance

Create relationships between collections and spaces to improve content governance. Define local and global content operations and control access to confidential files.

Create local and shared asset libraries

Add assets to content collections and split asset libraries into local and shared libraries. Control access to confidential assets with user permissions and prevent the misuse of restricted files.

Streamline the content review process

Make sure content looks great, with previews for mobile, tablet, desktop, and custom resolutions. Share preview links with colleagues to get feedback before publishing. 

Get the most out of Kontent.ai

In the Kontent.ai Learn portal, explore the value of the platform with personalized learning paths for your role. Or dive into the comprehensive documentation and API reference. 

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