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Statiq is the leading static site generation platform for .NET that you can use out of the box or extend with custom pipelines, data sources, and layouts.

Why and Statiq work together

The “J” in Jamstack doesn’t mean you have to use JavaScript to build your Jamstack site—now you can build your static sites with .NET! While Statiq can gather data from numerous formats, the Statiq module provides an easy way to retrieve your content from the headless CMS.

A small tip: You can make use of your knowledge of MVC—the learning curve for ASP .NET developers is very reasonable.

Enjoy the benefits of the Jamstack

There are many reasons why people are moving to Jamstack sites—speed, dramatically enhanced security, a better developer experience, hosting set up in minutes, and more.

Be always up to date

With Statiq, you don’t have to manage a server and install updates and patches. Moreover, is a SaaS-based modular content platform, so there’s no need for you to worry about back-end performance, upgrades, maintenance, and security.

Create great content for your visitors’s streamlined authoring environment enables you to plan, create, and collaborate with your team members on content for your Jamstack site. If needed, your content is ready to be reused across other websites, channels, or campaigns.

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