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Integrate with Magento to build a modern and powerful online store! 

Magento is an e-commerce platform that provides you with a flexible shopping cart system and control over the functionality of your online store.

Why and Magento work together

Imagine you own an online store running on Magento and want to extend its reach, so you need to start producing valuable content that will bring more visitors to your website. Creating and managing all your content in a headless CMS such as enables you to display it correctly on all devices and reach more potential customers. 

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Deliver curated, shoppable experiences

Manage all necessary product data and order information in Magento while using the modular content platform to deliver high-quality content that will bring more new orders.

Create content your customers will love

Use the modular content platform to plan, create, and smoothly collaborate on content with your colleagues. enables collaboration at scale through granular access control, versioning, comments, suggestions, and more.

Gain control over your entire content lifecycle

Configure your own workflow and assign contributors who will create and review the content for your online store. After publishing, you can edit and update the pages whenever you need.

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