Asset Management

Manage all your assets without the hassle. AI-accelerated asset management ensures the right images are always easy to find and used in the right places.

Improving how you work with your digital assets

Assets bring content to life. With Kontent.ai, it’s always easy to find the exact right asset at the exact right time. Smart, AI-accelerated governance capabilities keep large libraries organized without requiring extra work.

Accessible, findable, and usable. Your assets in Kontent.ai.

Add the perfect visuals to your content

Access all the assets you need in the built-in library, directly in the platform. Crop or resize images directly to make your content stand out, optimized across channels.

Describe how assets should be used

Add key information to assets to govern how content teams make their pick or secure access to them to enable employee portals and intranets. Ensure the right visuals are used in the right way for specific business units, regions, languages, and campaigns. 

Find what you need, instantly

Group assets into categories so they can be found quickly. Assign assets to multiple categories to simplify complex folder structures and minimize duplicates. Add assets to collections and split asset libraries into local and shared libraries. 

Control access to confidential assets

Set up the permissions to view, edit, create, and/or delete assets for individual contributors. Distinguish between users managing and using the assets and prevent the misuse of confidential files.

Asset management for large-scale operations

24 languages managed with ease

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With Kontent.ai, we have managed to move content marketing from a global level to the local level. The marketing departments in all our countries are able to create or edit their own content.

Switched from a monolith DXP

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With Kontent.ai, the content editing process is now so much faster. We don’t need to consult a giant rulebook to create content–everything is clear, straightforward, and easy to use.

Discover an easier way to work with assets

See how easy it can be to manage assets with a tailored demo of Kontent.ai.