Collections let enterprises manage all their content and assets in a single repository, freeing them to be shared across teams, websites, and channels without losing centralized governance.

Manage all your content in one CMS

All your content, centralized

Consolidate all your content and assets into a central repository to promote reuse and ensure consistency across all channels. It’s easy to create distinct collections for departments, regions, and initiatives, while maintaining centralized control over user rights, configurations, and content models.

Distinct boundaries for authors

Make it easy for authors to find content that’s fair game. With access only to the collections, content, and assets relevant to their scope, creators are confident in the content they’re creating, reusing, and modifying. 

Protected asset usage

Split asset libraries into local and shared libraries. Just like for content, adding an asset to a collection helps organizations create boundaries for where and how they can be used, making it easier to find them in a large library and ensure they’re only used where they should be.

Governance that gets results

Define rules of engagement, workflows, and user controls across the platform, so that everyone can work in one CMS free from clutter. By keeping your content safe, you protect the brand, improve content quality, and maximize returns.

Set up the Kontent.ai experience, your way

Unleash greater agility and productivity, while maintaining centralized control over your content and assets. Use collections within a larger ecosystem of projects and spaces to mirror the setup of your organization across multiple brands, regions, initiatives, and more.


A project is the primary organizational unit of your content in your Kontent.ai experience. Creating multiple projects is a way you can structure content operations better when, say, working with multiple clients.


Spaces provide channel-specific context for your content, helping you better manage multiple websites. Spaces used in complement with collections is a powerful way to handle complex operations in one CMS.


Collections help set boundaries and group content items, assets, and users. They simplify the organization of content according to specific business structures and needs, promoting both control and flexibility.

Collections support large-scale operations

Explore the best way to organize your content

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