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Algolia is a content discovery platform that enables businesses to build, manage, and deliver customer-centric, content-based experiences on every channel.

Why and Algolia work together

All of your content operations are running smoothly, you’re producing tons of great content on a regular basis, but your customers can’t easily find the right content—content they are interested in and that will help them make the right decision or purchase. This is the exact moment when Algolia comes in. 

With their AI-powered high-performance content discovery platform, you’ll be able to make sure your customers all over the world find the right content every time, on every device, and in any language. Visit our sample implementation to see how easy it is to integrate with Algolia. Start searching today!

Bring search to any platform

Easily add search functionality to your project with pre-build API clients, UI libraries, framework, and platform integrations supported by Algolia,, and our communities.

Deliver an exceptional user experience with personalized search

Algolia instantly surfaces relevant content to your users from the first keystroke. You'll be able to create a truly unique, AI-powered search experience for every one of your customers.

Always search the newest content

Integrating with Algolia ensures the content your customers are searching through is always up-to-date. Don’t worry about updating the search index every time you post a new article or update an existing piece of content. Use our autonomous synchronization between your content inventory and Algolia’s search index!

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