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Boost your sales with commercetools.

Integrate Kontent.ai with commercetools to deliver an engaging experience for your customers across any touchpoint! 

commercetools is a scalable cloud platform that enables you to offer millions of products to your customers.

Why Kontent.ai and commercetools work together

Use commercetools and Kentico Kontent to deliver an engaging experience for your customers across any touchpoint
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    Focus on creating engaging online experiences

    Easily manage your rich product content (e.g., product descriptions, images, and media) in Kontent.ai to ensure your content is up to date, consistent, and seen by the right customers.

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    Let your editors quickly link products to content

    Using the Custom Element, your content editors can search for products in all languages in your commercetools project and select individual and multiple products (or their variants).

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    Leverage the power of microservices

    Monolithic solutions are a thing of the past. Try using microservices—smaller, manageable pieces that communicate with each other via APIs—and create a technology stack that will grow as your needs do.

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