Easily localize campaigns, landing pages, and websites.

Connect with XTM Cloud and localize all of your content seamlessly!

XTM Cloud is an enterprise SaaS translation management system that automates and manages all aspects of the localization process.

Why and XTM Cloud work together

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    Work smarter, not harder

    Leverage intelligent automation in XTM Cloud and move content seamlessly between and XTM Cloud with our new integration. Automate content exchange between your CMS and localization platform easily through the integration UI—select what should be translated, how, and when, without any hustle or custom development. 

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    Faster time to market

    XTM Cloud supports agile workflows so your content moves fast between your CMS and website. The connected localization hub ensures that you connect with customers in their local languages quickly and at scale, 365 days a year.

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    Secure your linguistic assets

    The secure cloud-based framework eliminates downloads or file transfers. Rest assured that your digital assets are secure and fully protected within XTM Cloud, the intelligent localization platform that complies with ISO 27001 standards.

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