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Combine the power of and Recombee to provide personalized content to your users!

Recombee is the world’s best AI-powered Recommender as a Service tailored by data scientists that drives you forward.

Why and Recombee work together

Offer personalized content to your visitors using our integrated Smart Recommendations engine powered by Recombee. It’s simple—select which content you want to recommend and tell that to the Recommendation API. The AI system then analyzes all the content items and shows each of your users the most relevant piece of content.

Unique offer: customers can get an extended trial period and special pricing from Recombee. If you’d like to learn more, please contact the Recombee team.

Infuse personalization into your content

When done manually, personalization can be time-consuming and challenging. However, with this integration, you’ll be able to deliver personalized content based on your visitors’ behavior and preferences in no time.

Increase your customer satisfaction with AI-powered recommendations

Recombee is no traditional rule-based personalization system; this AI-driven solution reflects real-time changes and intricacies of user behavior online, thus improving user experience and increasing your KPIs.

Let your marketers tailor the recommendations

By adding a Custom Element for Smart Recommendations, you’ll allow your marketers and content editors to set up and view content recommendations inside the app.

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