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Build modern websites and apps with Nuxt from scratch.

Integrate Kontent.ai with Nuxt to create highly advanced websites and applications! 

Nuxt is an open-source framework built upon Vue.js that makes web development simple.

Why Kontent.ai and Nuxt work together

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A headless CMS loved by both developers and marketers
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    Improve your site’s ranking

    You probably already know how arduous it can be to make your pages SEO friendly. However, SEO won’t be a problem with SSR. Moreover, Nuxt lets you define all default meta tags, which is great for SEO purposes.

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    Manage all your content in the headless CMS

    Kontent.ai’s headless platform provides easy-to-use content management and collaboration capabilities that will make content creation a breeze for your team. Plan, create, edit, review, and optimize all your content in the headless CMS.

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    Update content right within the pages of your website

    With Kontent.ai’s Web Spotlight, your editors can easily update web content, add pages, and generally edit the elements displayed on your website while all your content remains free to be reused across any other channels.

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