Spica’s GemEx is an enterprise-grade platform and app, enabling you to optimize your spaces and connect with your people. 

Here’s how the app uses to help leading companies create the best possible work environments for their employees, using content to bring the workplace to life.


  • Creating global, multi-locational content features within the app
  • Enhancing facilities management features within the platform and app
  • Providing a hassle-free way for companies to manage the workplace experience
  • Serving over 150,000+ employees


  • Provide a full-fledged, sophisticated Workplace Experience Solution tailored to customer needs
  • Use as the content management system for customers to create and publish workplace content based on location and language
  • Build flexible, reusable content models for clients using


  • Customers get a comprehensive workplace solution that manages all of their daily touchpoints in their working life
  • Clients have full control over their workplace content via
  • Content creators are onboarded rapidly thanks to smart content modeling and an intuitive interface

The modern workplace has seen tremendous change over the last decade. Digital transformation has come for the office too, and has created a new set of expectations from both employers and employees. People want to see what meeting rooms are available, what’s for lunch in the office canteen, and what desk they should book for the day. Employers want insights into how efficiently their commercial space is being used. And everyone wants the workplace to feel seamless and efficient.

Spica, a Nordomatic company, offers GemEx as a comprehensive solution to these challenges and more. It’s a sophisticated Workplace Experience Platform and App that provides a suite of capabilities related to the workspace: from booking and access control to service requests and employee engagement, and everything in between.

The Workplace Experience App provides a full suite of workspace capabilities.

Their solution is used by customers all over the world, including EYZurich, and M&G, who use GemEx  to create workplace experiences that connect people, places, and data. Bringing the platform to life for these customers requires content, and Spica uses the adaptability of the platform to enable customers to manage their workplace content themselves. Here’s how they did it.

Building a better workplace experience

The app gives both employees and employers a wide range of useful functionality, including functions like:

  • Finding a colleague
  • Booking any resource; desks, meeting rooms, lockers etc.
  • Ordering services to meetings, like catering or layout changes
  • Viewing company news, events, building information and building services
  • Accessing buildings and lockers
  • Viewing cafeteria menus
  • Creating tickets for maintenance or IT
  • Managing visitors
  • Seeing transport timetables
  • Checking upcoming classes or workshops
  • Asking questions to office management
Employees can view event details directly in the app.

Providing all these functionalities and more to employees via a single well-designed, user-friendly app is a major improvement to the employee experience. Instead of needing to use multiple web apps or internal tools, employees get an all-in-one portal for all their day-to-day needs.

For employers, the app provides a single source of truth for workplace-related information, significantly reducing the need to maintain multiple sets of information across multiple tools.

Company news and announcements, FAQs, and other content are what bring the workplace experience to life. It’s a key part of differentiating workplaces and contributes to the culture of the company. It’s important for the companies themselves to be able to manage the content their employees are seeing, and that’s where comes in.

Streamlined content management for the workplace

Spica uses as the content management system for their app. Their unique approach is to let companies themselves use to create and edit their own content, which is then pushed to the workplace experience app. is a great choice for this type of use case because of its total adaptability: Spica has created content models that allow users to create their own content tailored to the Content modules within their App. Users aren’t limited to a few web-centric templates like you might find in a more traditional CMS.

This enables companies to not just create content like company news and FAQs, but also build things like forms, questionnaires, menus, and more. And with’s ability to handle many variants of content, customers can manage localized content and regional variations directly in the platform as well.

Another advantage here is that it’s very easy to onboard new users into the platform. The authoring experience is intuitive and user-friendly, so users can start creating content almost immediately after getting access. 

Spica can use’s flexible user roles to give companies the ability to edit and create content, while limiting their ability to edit content models. It is also possible to create workflows, so content authors can create content, but publishing only happens after review. This ensures that users don’t have any risk of introducing bugs into the app, but still grants full creative freedom to companies. 

A sophisticated integration drives improved workplace experiences

By combining the authoring capabilities of with a full-fledged workplace experience app, Spica customers can provide their employees with an unbeatable work environment.

Employees benefit from an app that goes far beyond resource-booking. They get a comprehensive experience that uses content and technology to power a more connected, more informed workplace.

Employers benefit from a solution that’s easy to use and maintain, plus the data-driven insights provided by GemEx . By embracing digital transformation in the workplace, they can ensure workplaces are being utilized to their fullest extent and their people are engaged.

For more information about Spica workplace solutions, visit their website. If you’re interested in a fully adaptable content management solution, get in touch with us to see if would be a good fit for your needs.

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