Unify content for knowledge management

Well-structured knowledge bases give customers and employees what they need to succeed. A single source of truth for all content makes it easy keep communication consistent across all channels, and build and maintain portals that simplify knowledge management.


  • Empower users on their own terms
  • Optimize content for customers and employees
  • Deliver portal content anywhere
  • Integrate with existing systems

Empower users on their own terms

Manage knowledge in a central content hub and build searchable knowledge bases or friendly chatbots to deliver the most accurate information to the right people at the right time. Create digital self-service experiences to empower your users.

Optimize content for customers and employees

Give customers and employees a portal experience that solves their problems quickly with content tailored to their needs. Use a single platform to easily find, share, collaborate on, and organize your content with powerful taxonomies.

Customer Highlight: YIT

YIT created a customer portal to deliver relevant content to over 10,000 residents living in their housing facilities located throughout Europe. This portal delivers content specific to a user’s location and interests while also creating a new revenue stream by matching service providers to potential customers in their area.

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Deliver portal content anywhere

Build and maintain portals to provide customers and employees a great experience, whether they’re browsing on a mobile or printing a PDF. Push structured, modular content to any device with ease to be present where your users are and ensure accuracy across channels.

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