Manage multiple websites with one CMS

Websites are such an important part of your story. As many organizations have multiple websites for different brands or purposes, keeping track of content changes across sites is a real challenge. helps you tackle the complex content operations and engage with audiences across multiple channels.


  • Oversee global content operations
  • Reuse content across brands and regions
  • Create the right content for the right audiences
  • Make sure content always looks its best

Oversee global content operations

Organizations use to consolidate content for multiple websites and channels—creating, governing, and reusing content to engage with customers across various brands and regions.

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Website A
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Legacy Website
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Website B
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Mobile App
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Website C
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Online Store
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Website D
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Reuse content across brands and regions

Meet all your content needs with a single solution. Share content and content models across an organization to maintain consistency across websites and channels, and speed up time-to-market.

Create the right content for the right audiences

Manage multiple websites under one project, while producing website-specific content at the same time. Easily find, edit, and even preview content in the context of specific websites.

Multiple previews

Make sure content always looks its best

Streamline the review process with previews for mobile, tablet, desktop, and custom resolutions. Share preview links with colleagues to get feedback before publishing. 

Customer Highlight: American Bath Group

Using the platform, American Bath Group has landed on a better, faster way to create and deliver digital content. Marc Lamothe​, Systems Administrator at American Bath Group, and Akshay Sura from partner Konabos, shared how they successfully migrated 10 sites with over 50,000 products in only 8 months.

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The best part about using for this project is its flexibility—we were able to adapt the CMS for our chosen tech stack and roll it out across 12 global sites for different brands and countries, which all had their own unique needs.

Hugh Podmore, Managing Director, Bound

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