Think globally, resonate locally

Ensuring consistency across languages and regions, while not missing out on what makes individual markets unique, requires an impressive team and the right tools. A smart approach to localization can help a global enterprise achieve the balance and flexibility it needs to thrive.


  • Keep a recognizable brand image across regions
  • Ensure governance for global content
  • Give local teams the flexibility they need
  • Automate the localization process

Keep a recognizable brand image across regions

Define your content’s structure on a global scale to keep your branding consistent across digital properties. Maintain your reputation and keep your customers’ trust with a brand that feels the same across regions.

Ensure governance for global content

Give local contributors access to just the content they need with granular permissions. Make sure the right people check content before it goes live with separate workflows for different regions.

Give local teams the flexibility they need

Empower teams with the ability to create and edit regional content without jeopardizing global content. Cater to the unique needs of local markets while maintaining a global brand image and feel.

Automate the localization process

Streamline localization using pre-built integrations (including XTM) in, or build your own integration using’s flexible APIs. Reach more customers all across the globe by launching multilingual, multichannel campaigns simultaneously.

Customer Highlight: Kramp

Shared marketing responsibilities at Kramp required a solution to let regional teams manage localized campaigns and messaging, while deferring overarching corporate messaging to their E-Business Marketing team. With, all website content was translated to over 20 languages, empowering each regional team to communicate in their native language, specific to regional trends and influences. These teams now enjoy a new level of independence that lets them create new landing pages 5x - 10x faster than before.

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