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A single source of truth allows organizations to manage content strategies at scale. By centralizing all your content into a central cloud-based repository, it’s much easier to stay organized and focus on creating content that’s consistent, compliant, and on-brand.

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Unify all content in one place

Organize your content to fit your business structure, initiatives, or channels. Plan and prepare everything in a single location, so that content is consistent, regardless of where it’s viewed. 

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The benefits of a content hub

Deliver content to any channel

Deliver clean, structured content through an API to ensure it integrates with any presentation layer, with no impact on other components or services. Meet customers on new and modern channels without straining your development resources. 

Maximize return on your content and assets

Ensure all content is easy to find with content models and taxonomies, maximizing content reuse opportunities. Reduce the time it takes to whip up new pages, iterate on design, and even make on-the-fly copy changes in intuitive author-friendly workspaces.

Safeguard the brand with content governance

Control what users can do through role-based permissions, ensuring workspaces are secure and orderly. Define systemized workflows according to your processes, so that no content goes live without the right approvals.

Customer highlight: Kramp

Shared marketing responsibilities at Kramp required a solution to let regional teams manage localized campaigns and messaging, while deferring overarching corporate messaging to their E-Business Marketing team. With Kontent.ai, all website content was translated to over 20 languages, empowering each regional team to communicate in their native language, specific to regional trends and influences. These teams now enjoy a new level of independence that lets them create new landing pages 5x - 10x faster than before.

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Kontent.ai was an important part of setting up a central content hub for heycar and enabled us to expand across Europe smoothly and efficiently. The team helped us build a scalable content system that we can leverage internationally, enabling us to scale our content in a smart and fast way.

Magdalena MrotekHead of Marketing, heycar

Bring everyone and everything together

Improve collaboration, delivery speed, and the usability of content with a single content hub. See how Kontent.ai makes it possible.