Design your ultimate modern tech stack

Leading organizations rely on a combination of best-of-breed tools to stay agile, flexible, and ready for any challenge. A modern, micro-services-based architecture supported by a world-class modular content platform can help bridge the gap between marketers and developers, pushing your team to new heights.


  • Use your choice of best-of-breed tools
  • Free up your developers
  • Extend to external systems
  • Deploy quickly and safely

Free up your developers

Give your developers complete control over the presentation layer. Optimize for any device or channel using the framework of your choice, with SDKs for all common languages to get you started faster.

Scale up and extend with ease

Remove maintenance concerns by working with a cloud-native platform. Connect your content production process with other tools using pre-built integrations and webhooks. Set up triggers based on events in to keep your business running smoothly.

Deploy quickly and safely

Keep up with business demands by deploying on time and without errors. Use multiple environments to easily test and stage before launching your sites. Take advantage of the powerful CLI to automate migrations and integrate with your current CI/CD processes. Rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Customer Highlight: Vogue

Vogue needed to recreate their online image to connect with young audiences who rarely engaged through the company’s traditional channels. provided their partner agency, SYMBIO, the flexibility to build a fully custom experience targeted specifically at young consumers. The end result involved over 170 custom modules, integrations with leading technologies such as Google Analytics and Brightcove, and an authoring experience that catered to editors, digital marketers, and analysts.

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