Power personalized experiences across channels with & offers marketing teams an intuitive interface to manage personalized experiences driven by content and assets that are being managed in The experience can be personalized based on the customer’s real-time intent and signals such as location, device, time of day, as well as traits such as product or content affinities computed by from historical interaction data. offers both rule-based and AI-powered control over what content is seen by which customer in what context.

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    Puts marketers back in control

    Marketers know their customers best. With the & integration, marketers can now define who sees what content on what channel in an intuitive interface without reliance on IT.

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    Separates content from experience orchestration

    Unlike many of our competitors, does not force the content to have a large number of content tags that describe where the content should be delivered, when and for whom. The delivery rules stay neatly separated from the content itself.

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    Consistent experiences across channels offers a centralized engine to manage and activate experiences on all channels. This ensures that customers see consistent and continuous experiences throughout their journey with your brand.

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