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Scaleflex is enhancing the scope of Kontent.ai media management.

With Scaleflex and its intuitive media asset widget, you can import, pick, edit, and optimize your files on the fly.

Scaleflex ensures faster content operations, improved online performance (Core Web Vitals), and enhanced quality of all published visuals on the frontend.

Why Kontent.ai and Scaleflex work together

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    Performance first

    From the first upload by your team within the DAM towards publication to end-users on the frontend, all media assets are served lightning-fast to accelerate content operations.

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    AI as a standard

    Automations, workflows, and artificial intelligence are tailored for your team to shorten their content-to-market.

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    Europe-based, privacy-conscious, and Headless

    The Scaleflex team ensures security, scalability, and fast integrations into your environment.

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