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How Kontent.ai and Uniform work together

Uniform supports the entire digital delivery supply chain by turning traditional and headless technologies into a composable digital experience platform. Companies can continuously adopt traditional and headless best-of-breed technologies without ever replatforming while allowing business users to retain control over creating, launching and iterating digital experiences using no-code tools and built-in high-performance testing and personalization. Several top brands use Uniform to power their digital experiences, including Cirque du Soleil, Life Extension, Sunweb and Trimble. 

Kontent.ai is natively supported in Uniform Canvas, the tool that allows business users to compose personalized digital experiences from various different headless solutions, including E-commerce, Analytics, etc. 

Kontent.ai is also compatible with Uniform Optimize that allows marketers to tag content with specific customer intents, which are then dynamically tracked during the customer’s visit, allowing for super fast and easy personalization

Empowering business users

Kontent.ai and Uniform share the goal of making headless accessible to all. We focus on empowering the business user that might feel left behind in the very technical developer-first headless paradigm. Take control through content composition and live-preview the full digital experience!

Embedded personalization and A/B testing 

Uniform offers out-of-the-box A/B testing and Personalization capabilities. Making different variants for different audiences and customer intents have never been easier. 

Digital experience platform of your choice

Uniform lets you tailor together a Digital Experience Platform of your dreams. Pick whatever headless best-of-breed tools you’d like and make the composition of the final digital experience a breeze. 

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