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Why and Alokai work together

Alokai is a front-end platform for e-commerce focused on performance, flexibility, and user experience. It brings together a wide range of enterprise services, including You can connect your content to any of the most popular e-commerce platforms and build mobile-first progressive web applications to power your business. The platform is API-driven and technology agnostic so you can easily integrate with additional services—from search to payments.

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Customizable on every stage

Alokai allows you to leverage an out-of-the-box UI library, Storefront UI, and—as such—gives you limitless customization possibilities. Every single UI component can be easily adjusted to the individual brand’s style.

One app for all platforms

Build only one app to provide a unified user experience across different devices—phone, tablet, and desktop. 

Offline capabilities

Alokai lets you build Progressive Web Applications that can interact with the user without an internet connection. As one moves around, the internet coverage capacity may change. Providing offline flexibility impacts positive brand perception and enables further interaction.

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