Building Java Webservices with Kentico Cloud SDK and Spring Boot

By Ondrej FridrichApr 18, 2018

Adam J. Weigold, the TrustedChoice VP Engineering and Chief Architect, explains in a tutorial video how the Spring Boot framework together with the Kentico Cloud Java Delivery SDK can help you in building quick apps with your data stored in Kentico Cloud.  

Adam J. Weigold and his developer team at the Trusted Choice face too many pains with their existing CMS vendor, forcing them to do too much work in the vendor tool box.

While assessing new possibilities, they came across Kentico Cloud and and immediately figured out headless CMS could allow various stakeholders in the company to stay working in their own box and still deliver the right content on the right channel at the right time. 

In this Kentico Roadshow video, Adam demonstrates, step-by-step, how to utilize the Kentico Cloud Java Delivery SDK with the Spring Boot framework to build a Java-based website or app really quickly.

Trusted Choice - Building Java Webservices with the Kentico Cloud Java Delivery SDK and Spring Boot

Check out for yourself how easy it is to work with various Kentico Cloud Delivery SDKs.

Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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