Edit your content directly from your website

There are many occasions when you notice a typo or a minor mistake on your website and would like to be able to fix it right away. So, let’s have a look at how you can use such a feature in your Kontent.ai powered website.

Ondrej Polesny

Published on May 28, 2018

Even though all content should be double-checked and proofread before it is released into the digital world, mistakes and typos do happen. After all, we are just humans, right?

Therefore, when you notice such a typo, you want to correct it as soon as possible.

Even though we have super friendly content filtering, it might be challenging sometimes to look through a larger number of content items to find the right one to edit.

Thatʼs why we created for you, and your content contributors, an even smoother option to deal with such corrections in Kontent.ai.

When you preview your website and notice a typo or other content mistake, you can just click the link that will take you directly to that specific content item inside your Kontent.ai project.


Pretty neat, isnʼt it?

The appearance and placement of the link is entirely up to your development team. They only need to ensure that the link is in the right format when you preview the website.

So what is the magical format of the link? Here you go:


As you can see, the link only needs three parameters (Project ID, Language Codename, and Item ID) to work correctly.

If you want to see a working example of such an implementation, feel free to explore our .NET Sample application. Once you install it and enable the edit mode, you can visit the About us section to see the edit links in action:


However, the functionality doesnʼt stop there. You can also point your content editor directly to the element inside the content item. For more details on how to achieve this advanced scenario, please visit our documentation.

We hope that this new addition to Kontent.ai will make your content-correction life easier so you can focus on your next amazing project!

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