Houston, We Have E-learning

Houston, we have e-learning

How do you become confident when working with Kontent? How would you model forms? And what do you think about microservice architecture? Where can you learn more about Kontent? These are questions that you’ve asked, and we’ve decided to address them. Today, we’re proud to introduce our new e-learning.

Tomas Nosek is Customer Education Leader at Kentico Kontent.

Tomas NosekPublished on Nov 24, 2020

Enjoy this space travel with our playlist just for this special occasion.

On the way to the launchpad...

When you imagine astronauts, you’ll most likely imagine their spacewalk. Or moonwalk. Basically, any non-earthwalk. What’s hidden is that the astronauts couldn’t be popped up there without proper training. Their path would be incomplete. Using a product without proper training is basically the same. Just without space. In both cases, training needs to cover people’s needs.

That’s why our Customer Success Management team provided training to new customers right from the beginning of Kentico Kontent times. Thanks to our previous knowledge of the CMS market from Kentico Xperience, we were able to get prepared in advance.

Three years ago, we launched our interactive guides, guidance built directly in the Kontent app, to further scale the training mainly for the business users. Back then, the headless world was still pretty developer-oriented, so with this business-oriented training, it was one hell of a bumpy ride. But we wanted to be prepared in advance again, and that’s why we took that direction.

Since then, we’ve done a lot of measurements, a lot of communication, and found out that we needed to move forward again. In B2B, it’s important to offer a variety of courses for different roles. To offer courses that allow tracking progress within them. Something that could be planned and tracked in general.

We reached the orbit

That’s where typical e-learning excels. Based on these requirements and our e-learning knowledge from Xperience, we now present to you our e-learning courses, Mark I.

Right from the beginning, you can go through seven courses:

Different astronauts may get the same basics at first, but they need specialized training for their role during the space journey later. The target audience of our courses is a bit different as well. While the introductory Headless CMS 101 is a great entry for almost anyone, the other courses are more suitable for different roles. Our recommendation is noted right within the e-learning listing for each course.

Besides that, we’ve moved our two existing certifications to the new e-learning as well.

Engaging the unit

With this arrangement, you can access those courses that seem important to you. We understand that headless CMSs can be used for even more purposes than there are types of space travel. That’s why we don’t limit access to specific courses. Pick whichever suits you and your needs. Or pick for your team, fellow Kontentnauts.

A great thing about our e-learning is that you access it with your Kontent sign-in information. No need for a separate login! Just go to the Kontent Docs and click E-learning in the menu. You can see all the courses that we offer.

To go through the courses, subscribe now to our Customer Success Services. The general admission price for our e-learning is $10/mo. per Kontent user in your subscription.

Thanks to this pricing method, you don’t need to select specific colleagues for specific courses, but the pricing scales as your company grows. And everyone still gets access to all of the e-learning materials!

If you’re our partner agency, you get all the courses and certification for free. And for all of you who have already been certified, you can now retrieve your certificates directly in the new e-learning site. If you passed the certification with an email address that doesn’t have any Kontent account, you can send a message to our support to get your certificate until its validity expires.

Building a reusable spacecraft

Our goal is to provide a full-fledged course offering where you can build on the knowledge from the Docs & Tutorials. All courses end with a questionnaire so that we know more about your experience. Based on your answers, we will be working both on the existing and new courses to improve your further experience and to stay ahead.

With the new e-learning, we’re also sunsetting the Interactive Guides as you know them now. We’ll re-introduce their new, slicker version next year.

We wish you a lot of lessons learned on your way through the new e-learning courses!

Check out the e-learning now!

Tomas Nosek is Customer Education Leader at Kentico Kontent.
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