Content Suggestions and Extensions

Introducing Content Suggestions and Custom Elements

We’re kick-starting 2019 with not one, but two new features! Collaborate better with Content Suggestions, and integrate easier with best-of-breed tools thanks to Custom Elements.

Yvette HastingsPublished on Jan 23, 2019

Content as a Service lends itself to organizations that want to deliver better customer experiences. A feature-rich Content as a Service platform can help digital teams improve content collaboration — from content strategy, planning, and authoring to analytics and optimization. For developers, Content as a Service is a no-brainer thanks to capabilities that facilitate innovation, help push projects live faster, and more. Check out some of our recent releases that are paving the way for digital teams and agencies that are taking advantage of Content as a Service with Kentico Cloud.

Quick One-click Content Suggestions 

With content suggestions, we’ve upped the ante when it comes to collaborating on content. We’re streamlining the content modification process for content editors and reviewers! Unlike other Content as a Service platforms, in Kentico Cloud, editors can now suggest a content change and approve it with just one click. 

Content Suggestions

Custom Elements Has Landed

Not so long ago, we announced that we were working hard to provide developers with enough power to connect Kentico Cloud with best-of-breed tools. From today, if you have an Enterprise or Partner plan, you can now access Custom Elements to unlock even more possibilities with integrations. 

Developers can customize the default content authoring experience by creating custom editing elements (e.g., Markdown editor, Color picker, and Image selection from a DAM system), making it easy for content editors to achieve their tasks. 

It doesn't stop there. Next up, we will be ramping up our support in SDKs, defining styling options, providing more public examples, adding a demo in a sample project, and more!

Stay Tuned for Future Releases

As always, it’s super easy to stay up-to-date with the latest product releases. Check out our product roadmap.

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