New Kentico Cloud Developer Certification

Kentico Cloud Developer Certification Is Here!

SATs, A-levels, Abitur, maturita, or even ylioppilastutkinto are just some of the exams that young people face as they mature in life and look toward the future. In the world of software, vendors offer exams and certification programs for their products. Why are these important? Let's take a look!

Tomas Nosek is Customer Education Leader at Kentico Kontent.

Tomas NosekPublished on May 23, 2019

At Kentico, we're trying to ensure that if our customers choose to work with one of our partners to implement a project, they get the reassurance of working with a credible team. After all, they want a team that is qualified to deliver a platform that they can use to grow their business, and eventually use to change the world.  Similarly, when our customers decide to implement a project themselves, they should be able to hire people with in-depth knowledge of Kentico Cloud functionality.

To make this happen, we've decided it's time to take a step forward and help Kentico Cloud users demonstrate their level of Kentico Cloud knowledge and skills. We're starting by introducing a Kentico Cloud Developer Certification.

To signify that a developer understands the concepts of Kentico Cloud and that they really know the ins and outs of our Content as a Service platform, we're proud to launch the official Developer Certification Program.

What Does the Kentico Cloud Certification Offer?

The Kentico Cloud Certified Developer certification is aimed at developers that create or maintain Kentico Cloud projects, whether they are used for websites, apps, content hubs (or documentation portals as we do ourselves), or anything else. It's a free online test accessible through our e-learning system, which covers architecture, content modeling, working with APIs, and more.

Why Should I Get Certified?

If you're a developer working with Kentico Cloud, you can differentiate yourself from other developers and show your potential/existing employers that you know how to leverage the true potential of implementing Kentico Cloud and how best to work with it. Whether you consider yourself a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal, you can use the Kentico Cloud developer certification to promote yourself and your company.

Certification will also be a part of onboarding for all new partners. Each partner will need to nominate at least one developer, who will be guided through passing the certification during their partner onboarding.

Be Quick, and Grab a Freebie

And to start on the right foot, we prepared a little reward for the first certified developers. We're giving away an original Kentico pint glass from the Czech Republic, the country of beer, and a Kentico Cloud t-shirt to the first certified developer. The next five certified developers will get a Kentico Cloud t-shirt too, so be quick!

So Where Should I Start?

Just go to for all the information you need to be able to sign up for the exam.

Happy certification time, everyone!

Tomas Nosek is Customer Education Leader at Kentico Kontent.
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