Watch the recording of the Kentico Cloud introduction webinar on cloud-first headless CMS

By Petr PalasNov 23, 2016

Did you miss our webinar on Kentico Cloud introduction? No worries, you can still watch it here and read the answers on frequently asked questions.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it on YouTube. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Issues connected with traditional CMS solutions
  • 4 major trends that influence the CMS market
  • Why we need a new kind of CMS
  • Benefits of the cloud-first approach
  • What is a headless CMS
  • A demo of Kentico Cloud
  • Pricing and availability 
  • Positioning of Kentico Cloud to our existing product Kentico CMS/EMS
  • Kentico Cloud Early Partner Program

You can find the webinar recording on YouTube.

You can find the slides on SlideShare.

Kentico Cloud Q&A:

Below, you can also find the answers to some questions we received during the webinar:

Q: Is Kentico Cloud the same product as Kentico CMS/EMS, just in the cloud?

A: No, Kentico Cloud is a completely new cloud-first CMS and digital experience platform and you can use it independently on Kentico CMS/EMS to manage your content, publish it on websites or in mobile apps and personalize the customer experience.

Q: What type of projects represents the best fit for Kentico Cloud?

A: You can use it for any projects where you need to publish content, whether it's on the web or on mobile apps or other channels. For these projects, you will benefit from the ease of managing all your content in the cloud, without worrying about CMS or underlying infrastructure. 

It's important to say that Kentico Cloud doesn't provide all the functionality available in Kentico EMS, such as e-commerce or advanced online marketing features, so it largely depends on what features you need. If you're not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to have a look at your project requirements. 

Q: Is there any way how to integrate Kentico Engage and Kentico EMS?

A: Technically, it's possible. However, Kentico EMS provides all the functionality of Kentico Engage plus many other online marketing features, so there's probably not much need for that.

Q: Do you plan to provide the same features in Kentico Cloud that we have today in Kentico EMS?

A: In the nearest months, we don't plan to provide the same feature set for Kentico Cloud. We want to focus on the content management and digital experience story and build a great product around those. We may, however, provide certain additional capabilities for Kentico Cloud through integrations with other specialized products.

Q: What SDKs are available today and what SDKs are planned for the future?

A: There are currently .NET and PHP SDKs for Kentico Cloud:

Let us know if you'd like to get SDKs for any other platform.

Q: Is personalization only possible through the API? Are marketers reliant on developers?

A: Currently yes, but we are already working on a solution that will enable marketers to define the personalization rules.

Q: Does Kentico Cloud support email / marketing automation?

A: No, this is currently only available with Kentico EMS.

Q: What data volumes can be handled in Kentico Cloud—is it unlimited?

A: While Kentico Cloud is highly scalable in terms of technology and can handle huge amounts of data, there are certain levels of data volumes connected with each pricing tier. Please see our Pricing page for more details.

Q: Is there a roadmap for future enhancements—i.e. addition of webhooks?

A: Yes, we already work on many enhancements based on the feedback we received so far and webhooks are one of the items on our to-do list. We will share more details as we progress.

Q: What is your selection criteria for the 20 partners for Kentico Cloud?

A: Please see the details in the blog post.

Q: Does Kentico Cloud provide full-text search?

A: Not now, but it's on our roadmap. In the meantime, you can use an external search service.

Q: Can I use Kentico Cloud with .NET core?

A: Yes, you can use Kentico Cloud with any programming language that allows you to call our REST API.

Q: How does the licensing work for multi-site and franchise models?

A: There's no limit in terms of a number of domains, websites or (since this is SaaS) number of servers. We only count the total number of content entries across all your projects within your subscription. When it comes to Deliver or Engage, A single subscription can be used only for a single organization and entities owned/managed by this organization. 

Q: Can I host my own code in Kentico Cloud?

A: No, you need your own hosting environment to run your website or any custom code and you only use our REST API in your code.

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Petr Palas

I am the founder and CEO of Kentico. I started the company back in 2004 with a clear goal: to provide businesses and digital agencies with a CMS solution that would make their lives easier.

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