Kontent by Kentico earns a top spot in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards

A couple of years ago, we set out to build a headless CMS that would help marketers and developers work together seamlessly. Today, we’re thrilled to be recognized by G2 as one of the very best content management systems based on customer feedback.

Zaneta StyblovaPublished on Feb 10, 2022

Voted #12 on G2’s List of Best Content Management Products for 2022

We are excited to announce that Kontent by Kentico has been named one of the best content management systems on the market. Out of thousands of software options, Kontent made it to the top of G2’s Top 50 Content Management Products list and was voted the #12 best CMS for 2022.

G2 is a world-leading technology review site trusted by millions of business users every month to help them make informed decisions about what products and services to buy.

Kontent has been recognized as one of Top 50 Content Management Products.

This ranking is a huge accomplishment, and we owe it all to you! Yes, you. We sincerely appreciate our community and customers who have taken the time to leave a review and share their experience with our product.

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Our goal is to empower global content and development teams while also removing pain points that prevent enterprise companies from delivering engaging, content-driven experiences. I’m thrilled to know that our customers appreciate it and are satisfied with Kontent.
Vojtech Boril

Vojtech Boril, VP Growth & Marketing, Kontent by Kentico

The go-to solution for marketers and developers looking to do more with their content

We know that getting your content online can be a challenge. We also know that building digital experiences isn’t always easy either. That’s why we set out to build an enterprise headless CMS that could serve as the foundation of any digital experience strategy while putting in place the processes needed to manage content effectively at scale.

The G2 ranking, together with being recognized as a Leader in the Headless CMS Grid since Spring 2019, is a great endorsement of Kontent by Kentico as an enterprise-level product that offers features and capabilities in line with the market’s best offerings. However, it’s the feedback from users that makes us the proudest. Here are a few short excerpts from the reviews:

“Kontent is a great headless CMS tool that is easy to use for our business clients. Our development team can help our business create their content structure and model so that all they have to do is go in and enter their content, review, and publish when they are ready. Very quick and easy to learn, even for the not so tech-savvy users.”

  • Administrator in Information Technology and Services,  Enterprise, > 1000 employees (full review on G2 here)

“Ease of use for content editors, in-page editing of page content, great APIs, and customization of the CMS. Great consulting team and support from the sales team during product selection.”

“I enjoy how seamless and overall User Experience design of this CMS. It is easy to follow and has consistent functionality. In comparison to other competitors, it has better technical support and overall layout.”

Once again, this achievement wouldn’t be possible without our loyal customers around the world. We appreciate your honest reviews and feedback that help us grow!

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Zaneta Styblova

As Content Manager, I create and repurpose content in various forms to communicate with a global audience of clients, agencies, partners, and employees. I could be described as a bookworm and language enthusiast who never stops learning.

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