Announcing the 2021 Kontent MVPs 🏆

The annual meeting where the Kontent committee awards active community members with the MVP status has taken place, and today it’s our honor to (re)introduce seven Kontent Most Valued Professionals.

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Jan 17, 2021

The pandemic aside, 2020 was a very special year for Kentico. It started with the rebranding of Kentico Cloud into Kontent in 2019 and continued with the effective split of almost all Kentico teams into two groups—Xperience and Kontent. The division started bringing results very quickly as people became more focused and motivated. So we naturally wanted to take advantage of doing the same with our group of enthusiastic developers, MVPs.

Who are Kontent MVPs?

We recognized seven people as Kontent MVPS, and, as I’m sure you already know them, instead of their job titles, I decided to write what they like to do and what they can help you with.

Andy Thompson

Andy is an enthusiastic runner 🏃‍♂️ and is into interesting and impressive Strava Art. Apart from that, he’s the guy to help you explain the benefits of headless to your clients.

Brian McKeiver

Brian McKeiver

Brian’s a CrossFit enthusiast 💪 who loves the workouts but still very much dislikes burpees and double-unders. He loves code and hosts the Kentico Rocks podcast—ping him and talk about headless or the Workout of the Day on air.

Ilesh Mistry

Ilesh is the Great Gatsby of the team 🥂. He talks to famous people of the Web industry and invites them to online meetups called MMT Tech talks. If you have a question about Gatsby.js, he’s got the answer.

Matt Nield

Matt is the .NET guy on the team, but he won’t mind if you steal his keyboard, give him a bass guitar 🎸, and talk to him about combining rock instrumentation with electronics.

Michael Kinkaid

Michael was a monster at Flash app development. But it’s not 2000 anymore, right? 😁 His articles always have superb illustrations so if you need a hand with graphics or feedback on your videos, he’s your guy.

Richard Shackleton

Richard is a very technical guy and a big Next.js fan. He also 3D prints miniatures and is the most likely to join you in online gaming 🎮.

It is also our pleasure to welcome Kristian Tasevski to the team. Our second Australian! If the name sounds familiar, you may have read his article about effective content modeling on our blog. The next part of it is coming soon!

Kristian Tasevski

Kristian co-founded the babysitting mobile app Kindy and is a great photographer 📸. You shouldn’t get into a food-eating contest with him. I’m telling you.

Get in touch

Being an MVP is a commitment to being open to the community, sharing knowledge, opinions, and being a friend. A big thank you goes out to all our MVPs for sharing and living these values perfectly. We are happy to have you on board!

And for everyone else, if you have a problem or are looking for advice, recommendation, or simply want to talk about your projects, feel free to reach out to any one of them. Or us 🙂.

We wish you a great start into the new year and hope it will be the best one ever! 🍾

Written by

Ondrej Polesny

As Developer Evangelist, I specialize in the impossible. When something is too complicated, requires too much effort, or is just simply not possible, just give me a few days and we will see :).

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