Announcing the 2022 Kontent MVPs 🏆

The new year brought us two new Kontent Most Valued Professionals. Who are they, what is the MVP team, and how do its members help developers?

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Jan 17, 2022

If you don’t know our MVPs or wonder who a Kontent MVP really is, let me briefly introduce the team to you. Kontent Most Valued Professionals are enthusiasts ranging from developers to business owners who use microservices and Kontent on a daily basis. They are the leaders of the Kontent community, and you probably know their names from Kontent-related blog posts, webinars, conference talks, or GitHub, and you can always get in touch with them and ask them anything on our Discord.

In December every year, we evaluate who the most active members of the Kontent community are and award them with the Kontent MVP status for the next year.

New Kontent MVPs in 2021

This year, we are honored to recognize two new members and welcome them to the MVP team:

Akshay Sura

I’m sure you know Akshay from social networks (thanks for the foodie tweets!). He leads Konabos, a digital agency in California, and apart from cool tech tweets (about Kontent), he also hosts the Konaverse podcast and publishes tech articles on their company blog.

Tom Marshall

If the name sounds familiar, you probably remember Tom from Kontent Horizons where he spoke about Jamstack and the Baking Mad project. He’s the guy that can make tech sound interesting even for marketing people. Tom is Head of Technology at Kyan, a UK-based agency, so his insights are very valuable—make sure to check out his articles on our blog.

How can MVPs help you?

The core value of the MVP team is to be open and help the community. And besides all the activities mentioned at the beginning of this article, MVPs can also help you directly. If you need a hand with your project or when your problem is too specific and blog articles are not providing enough guidance, you can speak to our MVPs and other community members on our Discord. It’s the central place of the Kontent community where you’ll find answers to your questions.

Thank you to all MVPs

The MVP team has currently six members—you can find them all here. A big thank you goes to every single one of them for doing such a great job representing Kontent!

We wish everyone a great start into the new year 2022 and hopefully, it’ll be the one when we finally meet in person. 🥂

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