Woman looking at tablet is the first certified headless CMS on Azure Marketplace

We’re always improving for strategists, creators, and developers alike! Now it’s available as a transactable solution on Azure Marketplace.

Monica RaszykPublished on Sep 27, 2021 is the first and only certified enterprise headless CMS available for purchase through Azure Marketplace and AppSource for customers with the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). MACC is a contractual commitment that your organization may have made to Microsoft Azure spend over time. Offers sold through Microsoft are referred to as transactable, whereby Microsoft facilitates the transaction for a software license on the publisher’s behalf.

Customers can now take advantage of the trusted Azure Marketplace for streamlined discovery, implementation, and management of as an integral solution in their enterprise-grade microservices architecture. is the modular content platform for both marketers and developers. In the unified authoring experience, content creators plan and collaborate on content in real-time. Custom workflows govern approvals and streamline publishing. Additionally, the complete decoupling of content production and presentation gives developers the freedom to use the technologies they prefer to create digital experiences that look and feel great on every channel. is a transactable solution on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

“Content is at the core of engaging, relevant digital experiences. For enterprises to effectively manage, govern, and scale content operations, it’s key to have a flexible, integrable CMS in their tech stack. We’re delighted to work with Microsoft as the only enterprise headless CMS on Azure Marketplace. It’s great that we can provide customers a way to get the most business value out of their consumption commitments,” said Martin Michalik, VP of Product at

Visit the offer listing details on Azure Marketplace now or learn more about commercial marketplace transact capabilities with Microsoft through this comprehensive article

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