Launching Kentico Cloud Community

Having an enthusiastic and collaborative community will greatly benefit Kentico Cloud and all its users. Why should you join our newly launched Kentico Cloud Community and what will you get from it? Read this blog post to learn why and how you can join.

Petr SvihlikPublished on Mar 1, 2017

Not only have we been busy creating a great headless CMS in the cloud, but we have also been working hard behind the scenes to give Kentico Cloud users, industry professionals, and members of Kentico teams, a great place to communicate and start discussions. 

We believe that giving our community a platform like this is a great way to stay close to them, and it makes it so much easier for everyone to share their knowledge with each other.

Why Should You Join Kentico Cloud Community?

The Kentico Cloud Community should be your go-to place for great discussions and collaboration around Kentico Cloud. 

The community will be a great place for you to discuss how you use the Kentico Cloud features, your related open-source projects, how you manage your projects, or simply to show off your amazing finished applications. The forum is ideal for asking questions and demonstrating your skills by suggesting answers to other users' problems, which can lead to you being recognized as a Kentico Cloud expert. 

We also want to hear about your ideas and suggestions for the product. Express your feelings, pains, and wishes about Kentico Cloud, and help to shape the development of Kentico Cloud features.

We have designated community administrators and promoters who will be adding new content to the forums and answering your questions. But the forums mean nothing without you, so we encourage you to be as active as possible in the community.

As you know, Kentico Cloud is platform agnostic, but our technical knowledge stems mainly from years of development on Microsoft technologies and, therefore, we know we can't help with every problem. So, we are challenging you, the community members, to help each other out, if you can. 

How the Community Works

Kentico Cloud's users span a variety of roles, and we believe the community will help all of them. Whether you're a content strategist, back-end developer, or a marketer, you'll find useful articles and discussions in the forums. 

To make contributing easier, we have created several categories, which group topics specifically for each target audience. Posts about specific technologies or features can be further filtered across categories through tags.

When posting and voting in the community, you will earn points, which will help you increase your ranking  and earn privileges in the community, up to the point where you can become a moderator. Besides points, you will also earn badges representing your skills and bringing recognition to your social profile.

We have prepared a wide scale of ranks and badges, so start earning points now to get a great head start! 

How Can You Join?

We are officially launching the Kentico Cloud Community today. Take a look for yourself, and start exploring categories, tags, and reading existing articles.

Join the Kentico Cloud Community to get the most out of Kentico Cloud! And don't forget to invite your colleagues too. 

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Petr Svihlik

I lead an awesome team of developer advocates at I’m the one who’ll always be on your side, my fellow developers.

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