Level Up Your Content Maturity This Year

Level up your content maturity this year

How mature are your content operations? It’s not a straightforward question to answer, because there are many facets to content maturity. With that in mind, we’ve developed a new tool you can use to explore your content maturity.

Michael AndrewsPublished on Jan 28, 2021

Content maturity is an important factor driving an enterprise’s success in content operations and management. It’s related to enterprise digital maturity but is distinct from it (to learn more about the relationship of content maturity and digital maturity, watch our webinar recording on this topic). 

Assessing your maturity

The Content Maturity Explorer provides a series of questions relating to different themes associated with content maturity. In total, it presents nearly 200 questions for you to consider. You don’t need to answer each question—they are there to spark reflection and discussion. After reviewing the questions, you should have a better idea about key factors for success in different areas of content maturity.

Unlike with some questionnaires that spit out a simplistic score, with the Explorer, you decide your own rating. It’s not a test. There are no wrong answers, and you won’t be judged and scored by some rating mechanism you might not agree with. And recognizing the diversity of issues involved, you can rate your organization as stronger or weaker in different areas of content, such as:

  1. Content flexibility
  2. Content utilization
  3. Customer focus
  4. Editorial planning
  5. Efficient operations
  6. Evaluation
  7. Executive commitment
  8. Governance
  9. People

Don’t worry that you’ll need to rate all these areas at once. You can visit the Explorer many times if you'd like to, and focus on different themes each visit.

How you assess your maturity level will depend on your goals. How deep might your team want to delve into an area? Are you currently at a low level now but want to improve over time? Or are you doing good enough in an area and don’t need a need to improve in the foreseeable future? You decide your priorities based on your organization’s situation.

It can be helpful to compare your assessment of your organization with the assessment of your colleagues to understand the different perspectives of your colleagues. 

Start your journey toward greater content maturity. Check out the Explorer and aim for new horizons. 

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