Copy and Paste with Ease in Kentico Cloud

Never Lose Your Formatting Again with Improved Copy and Pasting

Copying and pasting — so simple, yet it can be so painful, especially when you need to get content into a CMS. We decided to take a closer look at this issue to see how we can make it even easier for Kentico Cloud users to work with content. Check out what we've been up to following your feedback.

Vojtech BorilPublished on Jun 17, 2019

MS Word or Google Docs Work Great for Producing Content Until...

The content management system (CMS) has moved a long way in the last 20 years. Even though CMSs are providing better and better authoring experiences, very often the content and stories embedded in the CMSs are born somewhere else. There are various reasons why copywriters prefer to draft content in time-proven tools such as MS Word, Google Docs, or Evernote:

  • The CMS does not provide a collaborative interface that would support complex needs for larger teams
  • Content authors simply prefer MS Word or Google Docs because they have become second nature and therefore their tools of choice by default

MS Word or Google Docs work great... until the blog post you're working on is supposed to be published online. That's when the content needs to be pasted into your CMS. And then, it can become a real problem. Why?

  • Your styling gets weird
  • Bullet points are flattened
  • Paragraphs are pulled together
  • And we could name thousands of other tiny things that may hold you back from being productive!

Kentico Cloud Solves the Copy/Paste Challenge Once and for All

Our vision at Kentico is to provide the best way to work with content. From draft to its approval, our goal is to make the experience flawless for everyone involved. For a long time, we thought that pasting content into Kentico Cloud worked. And it did, to an extent. But we knew and recognized that there must be a way we could make pasting content even easier. 

As always, it was the feedback from our customers that triggered the change and made us focus on this in more detail. When we saw our customers first pasting content to a notepad, and then pasting it into Kentico Cloud, and then formatting it again from the ground up, we were shocked, and we had to take responsibility right away. This is not how we wanted to see our customers work with content. We knew there must be a better solution that will solve this customer pain once and for all.

We decided to change how pasting content works in the product. We made a lot of architecture changes under the hood, but it was worth it, as the result for the end user is what mattered most. And now, having tested the updates, we're pleased to report it works!

If you happen to produce content in MS Word or Google Docs, you can just copy and paste it into Kentico Cloud without worrying about breaking the formatting.

Let's Check Out How It Works

Let's go through different scenarios and take a look at how it works.

Pasting a Blog Post from MS Word to Kentico Cloud

 Pasting a Blog Post from MS Word to Kentico Cloud

Pasting a Blog Post from Google Docs to Kentico Cloud

 Pasting a Blog Post from Google Docs to Kentico Cloud

Pasting a Blog Post from Evernote to Kentico Cloud

 Pasting a Blog Post from Evernote to Kentico Cloud

Go Try It Yourself

Well, you have just seen that copying and pasting from various systems is a piece of cake with Kentico Cloud. So what are you waiting for? With Kentico Cloud, you will never lose formatting of your content again, and you will not need to repaste it using third-party tools. Go ahead, try producing content in Kentico Cloud, and find out how easy it really is.

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Vojtech Boril

I’m VP Growth & Marketing at I am passionate about SaaS product marketing & growth and endurance sports!

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