Private Content? Meet Our Secure Access for Delivery API!

Public content that can be shared with anyone in the world is great. But what if you need to restrict some published content so it can be accessible only by authorized members? Well, in such a case, you can relax as our just-released secure access for Delivery API lets you do just that!

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Pavel JirikPublished on Feb 22, 2018

Yes, we are proud to announce that yet another exciting feature has been released today!

With the secure access for Delivery API, you can easily transform your Kentico Cloud projects into private content sections. As long as you have at least a Professional subscription, you can log into your project, visit the API Keys section, and enable the secure access for Delivery API from there:

Once enabled, your project's Delivery API calls will start requesting the generated API key for authorization. If the key is not correct or is not provided in the request at all, the authorization fails and no content is served.

With the enabled secure access for Delivery API, your content can be easily transformed into private sections (projects) and restricted from unauthorized requests.

And if you feel like any of your private content was compromised, simply revoke the API key to ensure that your content stays private (feel free to visit our documentation for more details).

To make your life even easier, most of our SDKs already support this new feature out of the box.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more exciting features. Coming soon, we promise!

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Pavel Jirik

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