See what six months of well-received feedback can do

By Branislav SandalaApr 21, 2016

In the last twelve months of our existence and the six months since Kentico Draft launched, much has changed. For the better… read on!

Thanks to the priceless feedback from you — our wonderful users — we have introduced new features to address many of the problems you were experiencing in your web content production process. In particular, we are continuing to focus on refining Draft by adding features to give you the extra functionality — making your content production even more hassle free.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with a complete list of the many changes, so here are the essential highlights.


Team collaboration has been the center of our efforts for the past few months. For a while, already you have been able to have a conversation about any little piece of content, whether it be a chunk of text or a specific image. A creative and iterative process, therefore, all can happen in a single location.

Content type
Content type

We were super happy when we shipped out content revisions. Things have a tendency to get lost in the midst of the daft flurry of creativity. Content gets overwritten. It’s painful when it happens. But when you have each content revision at your fingertips, you have the upperhand. With this feature, you can go through each revision and see how a content item looked at a particular point in time. Now, you can have a complete overview of who has updated what, and when.


Apart from honing the collaborative aspect of Kentico Draft, we’ve been working on two other themes to bring joy to your content endeavours.

Firstly, we have completely overhauled the Import module for Kentico to make automatic import more… automatic. We have improved the filtering options and implemented automatic linking of imported images.

Usually, tools come with a steep learning curve that you need to take into account before you can even get started. But because we care so much about user experience, with Kentico Draft, we are committed to bringing you a service that anyone can use from day one. So we put a lot of effort this year into the onboarding process to show each user around our cloud service quickly and efficiently.

We are excited about bringing you yet more treats. Stay tuned and be vocal, reach out to us. It keeps us focused on what matters the most to both of us.

Written by
Branislav Sandala

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