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Spring Product Update - Stronger Collaboration and API

Kentico Cloud's starting 2019 with a bang - we are releasing a fat list of new features. That's a few things ticked off our roadmap. Some of our users mentioned they have a hard time keeping up with all our changes. We hope this short update will help.

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Kentico Cloud Product TeamPublished on Feb 20, 2019

New Features Released 📦

Content Suggestions 

Comments are so 2018! Jump right in instead and suggest changes to the content you are reviewing. Sometimes you don't want to just comment on something but suggest a change instead. And that's what you can do now in Kentico Cloud. 

Later, approve any suggestions you like, no need to copy anything from the comments anymore. We hope this will make reviews and collaboration much easier. 
Get more info on Content Suggestions here.

Custom Elements API (UI Extensions)

Connect other tools like Youtube or Flickr and show them in our UI. Integrate Kentico Cloud with best-of-breed tools, and customize the default content authoring experience with Extensions. 

You will be able to create custom editing elements (e.g., Markdown editor, Color picker, Image selection from DAM system—the possibilities are endless) making it easy for content editors to achieve their tasks.  Here's a documentation link and our blog post explaining different scenarios.

Content Management API Improvements 

We made our Content Management API (CM API) more robust, with new features like publishing, changing workflow, managing content models, and taxonomy changes. 

With this support for changing workflow steps via the CM API, developers can publish the imported content instantly, as well as allow integration with third-party services that might change your published content. 
Check out the updated API documentation.

Fixes and UX improvements 🛠

Bulk Actions in Asset Library, Asset Naming

We know that working with huge asset libraries can be a pain and we are working hard to make assets work better for you. We are starting with Naming Assets, which allows you to add a custom name and bulk delete many assets at once. You can also comment on assets, and search in asset description.

Create New Projects from Template (Boilerplate Projects)

A crucial feature for those of you who create a lot of projects and want to copy the same structure. This way you can define boilerplate projects, and you don't need to create all the different content types again and again. 

Edit Content Items (Components) Inside Rich-text

With this feature, you’ll be able to create and manage such components as if they were a natural part of your written text. You’ll be able to edit them within the given item or leave comments right on the spot. The components won’t have their own workflow, so you won’t need to hassle with multiple assignments. 

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