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Introducing Thinklogic, our January 2024 “Partner of the Month”! Learn more about their story and why we’re such big fans.

Lucie Simonova

Published on Jan 16, 2024

Meet Thinklogic

Since inception in 2000, Thinklogic has been building custom web applications and implementing Content Management Systems for businesses of all sizes, from non-profits and up-and-coming startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Thinklogic has earned a global reputation, collaborating with companies across various industries worldwide. Among the hundreds of clients who have benefited from Thinklogic’s services are industry giants such as Johnson & Johnson, City of Long Beach, and Stanley Black & Decker. 

Thinklogic’s expertise is exemplified in the execution of large-scale CMS migration projects, including migrations for Government Entities and Legal Administration organizations in the US and Canada. These migrations are specifically tailored to meet the rigorous security measures demanded by these sectors, showing Thinklogic’s commitment to delivering projects aligned with the specific needs of every client. 

What are they about?

Building mission-critical web solutions

Tailored to suit every business’s unique requirements, Thinklogic’s custom solutions offer innovative design and seamless web integration, steering clear of templatized strategies and providing organizations with a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

From concept refinement and business planning to technology deployment and selling to the end user, their team of seasoned professionals has expertise in both technology and marketing. With content modeling experts on the Thinklogic team, businesses can make sure their digital content is always well-structured and organized.

Thinklogic has a solid history of successfully executing projects of all sizes. No matter the level of complexity, the Thinklogic team is always ready to take on the challenge and treat it with the organization’s specific needs in mind. 

Nothing compares to the thrill of identifying and solving our customers’ day-to-day pain points, big and small. The substantial gains in efficiency and quality of life keep us hooked and driven.

Josh McIntyreSr. Project Manager at Thinklogic

Building relationships that last

Central to Thinklogic’s management process is the focus on building value in long-term client partnerships by learning to empathize with their business goals and challenges.

Because of their strong sense of accountability and responsibility, their connections with their clients often extend beyond one-off projects, evolving into long-standing partnerships. This is evident in their remarkable client retention average of over 10 years, with several clients maintaining strong partnerships for over two decades.

The commitment to long-term relationships doesn’t end there. Thinklogic achieves its stellar results by attracting and retaining a highly skilled and committed team of experts, with an impressive average retention of over 8 years. 

Customer satisfaction originates from our team members. Fostering a team infused with energy and zeal for our projects is only achievable when everyone loves their roles and takes immense pride in their contributions.

Chris AdamsFounder/CEO at Thinklogic

The perfect blend of commitment, passion, and collaboration 

At Thinklogic, they’re not just committed to code; they’re committed to family, dogs, and, of course, coffee that fuels their tight-knit teams, driven by a passion for finding the perfect solution for their partners.

They’re dedicated to growth through meaningful partnerships, prioritizing relationships over sales and marketing. Collaboration is at the heart of what they do, as they thrive on bringing visions to life together. Security is Thinklogic’s foundation. Their unwavering commitment to clean and secure code is non-negotiable – they always PEN test their applications.

Why Thinklogic

Thinklogic is trusted to build mission-critical web solutions for businesses of all sizes looking for digital transformation. Let’s take a look at why they are the top player in their field.

  • Developing software applications suited to each unique client, backed by two-decade expertise 
  • Extensive history of massive CMS migrations, including migrations for Government Entities and Legal Administration organizations in the US and Canada 
  • Partnership-oriented – their average client retention is over 10 years, with several partnerships lasting over 20 years

Partnership in action

In addition to being a digital development agency, Thinklogic is also a premium partner. This means they always deliver the latest technology in headless CMS along with a best-in-class digital product development experience.

Using’s headless CMS, the Thinklogic team has already delivered countless modern web applications, successfully built websites for one of the largest counties in America, built 30+ highly technical websites from a single code base, refreshed legacy interfaces, and personalized user experiences for major brands and companies.

When businesses opt to develop their digital product with Thinklogic and, they get the best of both worlds – an enterprise-class CMS and the expertise of the Thinklogic team to back it up at the same time. Leveraging the Thinklogic and partnership, organizations can take their digital products from vision to reality twice as fast, and without breaking their budget. 


There are many reasons to work with For Thinklogic, what stands out is the following:

  • guarantees security for high-profile client projects in government and legal industries, with some clients demanding strict anonymity 
  • empowers technical teams with creative freedom, allowing them to embrace new technologies 
  • allows for the transition from monolithic architectures to a more dynamic and scalable approach 

Accelerate your business growth with Thinklogic

Are you a business looking for digital transformation? Get in touch with our “Partner of the Month,” Thinklogic. Their team of seasoned professionals will help you complete your next project with custom software that will accelerate your business growth.

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