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We’re always improving to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Learn how to effectively handle large-scale operations by managing users programmatically. 

Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.

Monica RaszykPublished on Jan 17, 2022

Content management has a lot of moving parts. Whatever your organization is building towards, people make it happen. And with teams becoming more distributed, it’s important to have the ability to oversee and control who’s involved at every stage of the process. 

There’s too much on the line to do any of this manually. So what is non-negotiable when it comes to streamlining and governing user management in your headless CMS? 

Let’s dive more deeply into the last point—automation of user management—and zoom in on a recent product release! It’s now possible to work with the same user management capabilities through the new Subscription API as you do in the platform.

Managing users with the Subscription API

Organizations can now manage users in with the Subscription API, part of the Management API you already know and use. The new API endpoints make it easy to synchronize users and their permissions across projects under your subscription and perform batch operations. They’re also useful for integrating user management within your own internal tools, systems, and programs. 

Managing users via code keeps users systematically curated and organized, which is especially critical for smooth transitional activities, like onboarding and offboarding. With the Subscription API:

  • Export a list of users
  • Invite a user into a project
  • Set a user role
  • Activate or deactivate a user

This latest release greatly improves how project administrators manage large teams of users, without added manual work. Check out the dedicated article in the API reference to get started with subscription management through API

Synchronizing user management across the organization

For large-scale enterprise operations, it’s critical to have user management centralized under a user identity provider. This practice ensures the organization’s structure is reflected across every solution in an integrated tech stack. Synchronizing user management from one central point, instead of configuring it manually for each and every service, is the only way to be truly confident in your set up. 

Subscription administrators can also now integrate user permissions with their user identity provider through the Subscription API. This allows your organization to:

  • Move faster and scale up, as there's no longer a need to duplicate configurations of an organizational structure in
  • Manage organizational restructuring or individual transitions stress-free because automatically updates user permissions
  • Ensure secure management of users with a single source of truth for permissions

If you’re interested in the Subscription API and it's not available in your current plan, get in touch with your customer success manager.

Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.
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