Webinar wrap-up: More content, more channels, more chill

Dive into the survey data from 1,600+ content professionals, explore the value of multiple workflows in Kontent, and get actionable tips on how your teams can improve collaboration. 

Monica RaszykPublished on Dec 7, 2021

Brands are once again leveling up to deliver seamless digital experiences in 2022. Today, people interact with brands at so many different touchpoints, it’s important to meet their needs with the right content on their preferred channels. 

So what does this mean for content professionals behind the scenes? More content to create. More channels to manage. If you don’t have the right technology and processes in place to make that happen at scale, it can feel a little bit stressful.

In the webinar, “More Content, More Channels, More Chill: Your 2022 Self-Care Guide to Content Management”, now available on-demand, we dive into the challenges of content creation and explore real case studies of brands who are making an impact with their customers on digital channels. We also explore the benefits of having Content as a Service on top of headless CMS capabilities, walking through the workflow functionality in the Kontent platform. Closing the webinar, we share some actionable tips and open-ended questions that teams should be asking themselves as they plan their omnichannel content strategies. 

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On-demand webinar: More Content, More Channels, More Chill.

Kontent by Kentico panelists 

Key takeaways from the webinar

  • 72% of content professionals say their organization uses multilingual/localized content to promote their products and services, which increases the need for effective management and collaboration.
  • Content professionals say their organization most often reuses assets such as PDFs and images (61%) and content (59%) across teams, departments, and/or regions, making workflows especially important.
  • Defining multiple workflows helps large teams streamline collaboration, reduces bottlenecks and delays, and supports content reuse opportunities—all key aspects of collaboration that organizations can improve today.
  • PetCulture and Hautlauer are two brands that are really getting it right when it comes to digital customer experience. Hautlauer increased the average basket size by 25% and webshop visits by 50% when they modernized their e-commerce platform.
  • With Kontent, VU Amsterdam editors focus on creating content, while the User Experience team focuses on creating the best flow for all website visitors. With reusable components, they ensure content across all their websites is consistent and have reduced the time it takes to create new websites to just 2-4 weeks.
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About Kontent by Kentico webinars

Whether or not you’re using Kontent as your headless CMS, the Kontent team is always happy to talk through your strategy and offer recommendations, as well as answer any questions that will help you improve in areas of content management, content strategy, content modeling, and more. Feel free to visit our repository of on-demand webinars and recordings from our Kontent Horizons conference anytime, or simply get in touch for a personalized demo of the Kontent platform. 

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