What's New in Kentico Cloud—January 2017

By Stephen GriffinJan 17, 2017

Kentico Cloud, the cloud-first headless CMS, has only been available for a few months, but the development never stops. We are fully committed to delivering new features on an ongoing basis, to make your web development projects easier. So, the new year has already brought some awesome new features.

Roles and Capabilities

We have introduced predefined Roles, which you can select for each of your users, to help people with different skillsets collaborate on producing web content while focusing on what's important to their role. Roles can be assigned by the Project Manager, and each user uses the system according to the role they are assigned. This way, you also reduce the possibility of some settings or designs being altered by people that do not have the skills to adjust them while also ensuring that unauthorized editors cannot publish content that is not ready.

Each predefined role—Reviewer, Content Contributor, Developer, and Project Manager—has varying levels of permissions, as shown here.

Preview Content Items

Now, you can preview your Content Items before approving or publishing them. Developers can configure which content types will have previews available and specify a URL pattern for every content type. Just add a URL slug macro to the URL pattern for every content type, and the given macro will make sure that, when previewing a content item, the URL slug appears in the URL, so that the template can request the correct content behind the scenes.

Preview content items
Preview content items

Kentico 10 Import Module

The final piece of great news we have for you is that you can now import content from Kentico Draft into your Kentico 10 builds. The new Import Module makes it possible to create content in Kentico Draft and then import and use it in the website builds you have done using Kentico 10. It will make your content production process super-fast.

We know you are going to love the latest features of Kentico Cloud and all the amazing benefits you get with them. If you are not already using Kentico Cloud, make sure to sign up for your free 30-day trial and get started on your next website development project. And, don’t forget to keep checking back for more blog posts, articles, product announcements, and so much more, and sign up for our launch webinar scheduled for January 24.


Stephen Griffin

Product Marketing Manager

Written by
Stephen Griffin

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