Elevate your large-scale content operations.

Collections let enterprises manage all their content in a single repository, freeing it to be shared across teams, websites, and channels without losing control.

World-class content operations

Unleash a new level of agility while maintaining centralized control over your content.

Increase agility across teams

With Collections in place, individual teams can create content specific to their initiatives while common content provides consistent messaging across all experiences. This flexibility frees each team to focus on their area of expertise and aligns their marketing roadmap with strategic objectives.

A single unified content repository

Consolidate all your content into our SaaS-based repository to promote reuse and ensure consistency across all channels. Collections make it easy to manage access for every team and digital experience.

Maximize your potential

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    Streamline global content

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    Manage multiple brands from one platform

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    Leverage department expertise

Maintain centralized control

Organize your content repository by creating separate Collections for departments, regions, and initiatives. Centralized management of permissions, configurations, and content models is then applied to those Collections according to your needs.

Ease of use

Authors can focus on managing the content they’re responsible for without getting distracted by a busy user interface. They’re only exposed to the Collections to which they’ve been granted access, so they can complete their content initiatives without delays.

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